Prior to boldly launching “See Make Play”, Crafty Melbournite Francesca Spillane pursued her educational tendencies to earn a Masters of Literacy, and refine her own brand of play-integrated learning techniques over her 11 years of primary teaching. See Make Play is a burgeoning business committed to enthusiastically encouraging fun, creativity-infused learning, and is built upon Francesca’s bespoke variety of craft and literacy based workshops offered at her Melbourne Studio, and an array of Australian venues and events. In 2018, Francesca and Nikki’s collaboration juggernaut launched after the two met and simultaneously fan-girled over each other’s creative genius’. Nikki Jones is a master graphic designer, tailor, crafter and good viber.


A purveyor of play, Francesca Spillane caringly conceptualises crafty activations for all manner and size of hip happenings. From DIY Workshops & Kid’s Mornings (Melbourne Westfields), to Blogposts (The Reject Shop), Fundraisers ( at Kick Childhood Cancer), and Festivals (Roolaboola Children’s Art Festival), See Make Play’s creative content has proved itself a notorious conduit to effectual and enjoyable community-engagement-orientated activations and events.

The Commonwealth Bank’s ‘Wired For Wonder’

Wired for Wonder 2015 attendees joyously revisited their childhood at Francesca’s storybook-with-meaning reading complimented by a themed collage activity. Invited to present at Wired for Wonder 2016, Francesca is excited to further her passionate pledge to “enrich learning through creative play” in unveiling her ever-anticipated “See Make Play Craft Buffet”.

Synonymous with fun, See Make Play’s workshops are ingeniously underpinned by a dedication to education, and a commitment to empower others to dare to discover the untapped abundance of creativity at their core.