Anyone else finding that they collect used plastic tops from their milk bottles?

We go through so many of these in our household. I always seem to have a little stockpile of recycled bits and bobs sitting on my kitchen benchtop just waiting to be turned into a fun and engaging DIY craft activity. 

DIY craft using recycled items can be very fun and rewarding as you are promoting sustainability and reducing waste, which can make you feel good about yourself and the environment (win, win).

It also inspires creativity, as you have to think outside the box and come up with new ways to use old items.

Here I will show you how to make a plastic bottle top fish using coloured paper, craft materials and a recycled bottle top.

Let’s get started!


🟡 Colored paper

🟠 Recycled plastic bottle top

🔴 Googly eyes

🟢 Scissors

🔵 Glue


Ready to make a cute little fishy friend? First up, grab a recycled bottle top and give it a good scrub until it’s squeaky clean.

Now, it’s time to get creative with some colorful paper. Cut two pieces that are 3cm by 10cm. Then, fold each piece like an accordion (you know, the way you fold a paper fan?). This is called a concertina fold.

Once both of your paper pieces are folded up into cute little concertinas, it’s time to overlap them on the longest side. Stick them together using a glue stick, leaving a small opening on one end. 

Use a hot glue gun to attach your tail to the bottle top. Use your fingers to carefully fan out the your fish tail.

Next up, cut out a fin from some paper and glue it onto the fishy body. Time to add some personality! Grab a colored dot and a googly eye, add some glue, and stick it on to the front of the bottle cap. Voila!

There you have it, a brand new fishy friend to add to your collection. Give yourself a high-five for being so crafty!

Your plastic bottle top fish can be hung from a window or placed on a shelf to add a fun touch to your home décor.

Want to make your playtime more fun and creative?

Here are some fun tips for you:

Let’s dive into the ocean of creativity! Grab some colourful paper scraps and textures to create your underwater world.

Want to learn more about fish? Check out some books and try making your favorite fish from them. I love Hooray for Fish! Lucy Cousins. There are so many vibrant and exciting fishes to get inspired by!

Up for a DIY project? Why not make a 3D fish tank scene out of an old shoe box? Cut off the sides, add some Recycled Bottle Top fish and let them swim around. Voila, you have your own little aquarium to enjoy!

Recycled Plastic Bottle Top Fish DIY Craft Activity