Hey there, crafty peeps! Are you looking for a fun and easy DIY activity to do with your little ones?

Look no further than this Paper Spring Flower Puppet craft! Not only is it a great way to spend quality time after school, but it also helps boost dexterity, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination.

Plus, who doesn’t love creating something beautiful with their own two hands? Whether you’re a seasoned DIY pro or a beginner, this activity is perfect for all skill levels. And don’t worry if it doesn’t turn out the way you planned – that’s all part of the creative process!

Sometimes DIY crafts don’t always go the way it was intended and I can absolutely guarantee that most times it wont. But the one thing I can say for sure is that there will often be a new skill your little ones will learn along the way through craft. This new skill may end up being their new superpower!

This cost – effective quick DIY Paper Spring Flower Puppet is a great example as it has the power to boosts dexterity. It involves cutting, folding, and gluing, which enhances fine motor skills and supports hand-eye coordination making it a great OT (Occupational Therapy).

Ready to make a cute paper fancy flower puppet friend?

Let’s get started!


🟡 Selection of coloured card

🟠 Black marker pen

🔴 Ruler, circle maker, hole punch & shapes to trace around

🟢 glue, scissors & string


Collect your coloured paper and have a go at drawing a cute flower face with face features. You can always trace around a small plate if you want to start with a simple circle base.

Attach these features using your glue stick. Use a black marker pen to fill in the eyes.

Now its time to create your springy, bouncy puppet body.

Cut two strips of card around 4cm wide by at least 30cm long. Use your glue stick to attach the first colour paper strip onto the second colour paper strip.

Begin to concertina fold each strip of paper on top of each other until you reach the end. This is also called a spring fold and looks extra fun when you use two contrasting paper colours. My kids love this technique and they have become spring fold experts!

Once both pieces are folded, glue down one of your coloured strips leaving the second one unattached to secure your flower head to.

Finish decorating your flower face if you haven’t already. Cut out a simple shape for your flower feet and glue onto the bottom of your folded body. Attach some string using tape or a hole punch.

Have fun bouncing your new fancy flower Puppet!

Want to make your playtime more fun and creative?

Here are some fun tips for you:

Create a variety of flowers and plant them in a shoe box planter. Borrow a flower themed book from your local library and learn all about the different flower types. I love ‘What’s Inside A Flower And Other Questions About Science and Nature’ by Rachel Ignotofsky

Construct a puppet stage using cardboard boxes and other crafty treasures and put on a fun flower show!

Now that you have mastered the art of paper flowers – why not try creating animal face puppets?

Add different facial expressions to your puppets and use these as prompts to chat about emotions and feelings.

Fancy Paper Craft Flower Puppets