‘Tis the season for crafting joy and festive flair! Dive into the spirit of the holidays with our kawaii DIY Christmas Bauble Craft Extravaganza.

Step into the enchanting world of our DIY Christmas Bauble Craft-a-Palooza! Transform an ordinary clear bauble into a kawaii fried egg masterpiece that will sprinkle playful charm all over your holiday decor. Let’s add a unique touch to your Christmas tree, making it a tasty little highlight.

Whether you’re a crafting pro or just dipping your toes into the creative waters, our step-by-step guide guarantees a jolly and bright holiday crafting experience. Join us on this merry adventure, and let’s make your Christmas tree radiate with the magic of your own handmade delights!

And here’s the cherry on top: Invite the little ones to join the fun! Craft your fried egg bauble masterpiece with children during the Christmas holidays. Don’t fancy a fried egg? why not have a go at creating an ice cream, snowman, fish tank, or lolly machine?

Ready to make your Christmas tree truly one-of-a-kind? Let’s jump into our step-by-step instructions and make this holiday season a crafting extravaganza. Happy crafting and merry festivities!

Let’s get started!


🔴 Clear Christmas bauble (with opening)

🟢 Coloured paper & glitter foam

🟣 Assorted craft embellishments (pipe cleaners, wiggle eyes, pom-poms)

🔴 Glue (hot glue gun or glue stick) or sticky tape

🟣 Scissors, stapler & ruler


Open Sesame! Begin by gently twisting your clear plastic bauble to open it. Keep one half for your fried egg creation and set aside the other half for future crafting endeavours (perhaps a fish tank?).

Designing Your Tasty Creation with Unique Christmas Decorations Now that you have your clear half, let the creative juices flow! Choose your colours and envision the delicious fried egg you want to create. Incorporate unique Christmas decorations like glitter, beads, and festive-coloured paper strips for added flair.

Creating the Egg Yolk with Festive Pom Poms Grab a piece of yellow cardboard and trace around the bauble. Cut out the circle – this will be the base for your egg yolk. Fill the bauble with yellow pom poms or get creative with rainbow colours, glitter, beads, or coloured paper strips.

Lid On for Secure Christmas Tree Decoration Apply glue to one side of the cut-out circle and gently press it onto the pom poms inside the bauble, securing them in place.

Egg White Magic with White EVA Glitter Foam For the egg white, use white EVA glitter foam. Place the yolk bauble on the foam, draw a curvy fried egg shape, and carefully cut it out. Use a hot glue gun to attach the foam to the bauble base, ensuring the loop stays at the top for hanging.

Adding Personality with Festive Faces Bring your bauble to life! Use wiggle eyes, foam stickers, or permanent markers to create a kawaii face. Thread some string through the bauble loop and tie the ends.

Your fried egg Christmas bauble is now ready to take centre stage on your Christmas tree! Crafters, rejoice! Happy decorating with unique DIY Christmas decorations!

Want to make your playtime more fun and creative?

Here are some fun tips for you:

Explore more festive bauble ideas: ice cream, snowman, fish tank, or even a lolly machine bauble.

Craft unique gift tags using half bauble shapes for a personalised touch on your presents.

Make personalised baubles to gift to your family and friends this Christmas – perhaps you could pop a photo of your yourself (or family pet) into the bauble and give to a family member.

Craft Your Own Unique Christmas Bauble Magic!